This story is about my aunt who told me this real story about his husband and how she didn’t encounter the “love at first sight of thing”.

When she was in her age of marriage many proposals about her marriage came as there is a age of marriage in Indian society and when she crosses that she should be in that so called “Pavitra bandan”.

As she was well qualified so the proposals alone came to her home for marriage and she used to talk to some of the selected guys on skype .So there was this one guy whom she selected for marriage and talking to him on skype.

But what she saw that he was not so smart guy as his beard are grown and first impression is last impression ,so she didn’t talk to him in a very genuine way as she should have to talk to him and results in a rejection to that guy.

Then the next week , she had gone in one of the exhibitions then she met the same guy .She didn’t recognize him but my uncle said remember we met at skype and you rejected me.:).My aunt was shocked to see him,she said she hadn’t seen such a smart guy in her whole life.They talked for a while and chated for weeks and my aunt found her the best match for her and said YES.

Then at one day she asked my uncle why you hadn’t shaved that day .He said that at that time there was some death in his family ,so he didn’t shave at that time.

My aunt laughed a lot and said that could be the biggest mistake of my life.

Now she is happily married woman

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