I once went on a blind date set up by my mom. I was not really interested but my mom kept forcing me to meet the guy so I relented. I texted him to make plans and we decided to meet at a restaurant. That place was famous for their pizza so I ordered one and he immediately made a joke about my weight. I’m 5’5” and weighed around 138 lbs then, which is not skinny but definitely not overweight. I don’t think it’s funny when people make mean comments about someone looks and try to pass off as a joke. It is not a joke. You’re just an asshole. That was strike one but I let it slide. It was raining outside and I had already ordered my pizza so I decided to stay.

He started talking about himself and it went on and on. He told me about how much money he made, how his boss and colleagues are in awe of him, how he made more money than any of his friends, how he’s tired of all the women chasing him for his money. He told me about the expensive car he’s planning to buy, the 4 bedroom apartment he already has. He was not at all interested in getting to know me. It was all about him. At one point I wondered if I get up and leave now, will he even notice.

After all the money bragging ended he started telling me about his childhood and that’s where things really went south. He told me how much he hated dogs and how he used to chase them around with a stick when he was a kid. I love dogs but at that point I already knew there is not going to be second date, I decided not to comment on it. He took my silence as approval and told me how he once ran over a dog on the highway. I looked at him shocked and asked if it was real and was the dog okay. He just shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Who cares about that dog, I was worried about my damn car.” I called the waiter to split the bills, paid and left without even saying a word to him. He texted later complaining about how I overreacted and how it was all my fault. I didn’t want to argue with a narcissist like him so I blocked him.

This is also the story about how my mother once and for all stopped setting me up with random guys.

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