I went to tuition classes throughout my 9th and 10th standard to study Mathematics & Science.

In 9th standard I was the best student at the classes. Our teacher was a really good one. He used to make us laugh between all the Maths to lighten us up. And sometimes he would ask random questions not related to the studies.
He would go around the room and then he would ask me in the end because he believed I would know. I was the star of the show. 😛

The class ended. New Year started and new class. A new girl joined the tuition class.
Our teacher was giving her a lot of attention. Because she was very intelligent and her parents were friends with him. No problem with that. Now, we both were in the same standard but we never talked.

Now slowly, everything changed. When questions were asked, I was ignored. And she would be the one to answer in the end. She stole my thunder (F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference here). It sounds funny when I think about it now. That was so immature.

So, 4 months into it, I got used to it. And she always scored more than me. And our teacher made me forcibly see her answers and compare mine to them. When I saw those I remembered I had just read those same exact words in one of those help-books. That was it. I hated her.

So. it was almost the end of the year. We both still haven’t said a word to each-other still (I got to know she hated me too). Since, this was the time of exams, we both extended the time from 1 hour to 3 hours. So, we sat together everyday for 3 hours and we hadn’t ever talked to each other.

It was the last day at the tuition and we both were the only ones studying there (we both are huge geeks). We both actually competing against each-other to see who could study longer! It had been 5 hours now and our teacher was fed up now and asks us to PLEASE leave. So, we start collecting up the chairs all were sitting on. There’s one chair left now. We both try to pick it up at the same time. I see her going for it, so I back off. But so does she. So, I again reach out to it, but she does too. And we both look at each-other and start laughing.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I fell for the person I hated.

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