Unless you believe that several generations of Indians have gone through absolutely loveless marriages (and I admit, quite a few have), this is a no-brainer. Yes, you absolutely can. Unless, of course, your concept of love is the Shahrukh-Kajol or the Kareena-Shahid kind.

Real love, in my opinion, happens when you have the full plethora of her qualities in front of you, and you’ve opened up all of yours. Each of you then figures out which ones they love, which ones they are ok with, and which ones they dislike. You then do the subconscious math of the net value, and realize that the good far outweighs the bad. There are just no surprises here, unlike in a love marriage, where you’ve spent years just putting the best foot forward and spend the post-marriage years discovering and/or displaying the warts.

Love is not the passionate, fascinated obsession for the good portions; it’s the acceptance that irritating portions are far outweighed by the genuine good parts

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