When I entered High School I quickly made a lot of friends and also several girl-friends. I started hanging out with several of them which led to all kinds of teenage experiments. About halfway through my first High School semester we received a new classmate, she was transferring from a different school to ours. As she walked into class and was introduced by our teacher, I distinctly remember telling my best friend that I would never have anything with her, that I find her absolutely unattractive. Two months later she wrote me a message and we started chatting. I was pretty much used to chatting with several girls so I didn’t really make anything out of it. The more we chatted the more I realised how different she was from other girls. She made me laugh and didn’t hit on me straight away which I thought was nice. We went out a few times before she told me she really likes me and I myself got into a state where I knew she is something more than just a friend. I still couldn’t believe it because I never found here attractive, she was way shorter than me, a little fat and it all didn’t make sense, I never imagined my first love would look like this. Plus the pressure from friends who just didn’t understand my passion for this girl.

Eventually we ended up dating. I fell in love with her like crazy. She was the first true love of my life. We were together for almost six years.

Never underestimated the power of love even if it comes in ways you would never expect.

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