It was my first massage at 20 years old. I belonged to gym at college. I liked to swim. One day I noticed a massage therapists had set up shop. I went in to talk to her about an appointment. She was a very attractive woman in her 40’s. I told her tomorrow was my birthday, and after my swim I wanted to treat myself to a massage from her. I filled out the usual forms that day, set the time, and left. I thought about it all next day. After classes, I went an swam. I showed up in My speedo and towel and she took me back to the room. She told me she had read my form and noticed I had never had a massage before. She said that I would enjoy it very much. She had me strip and lay face down on the table……

I asked her if I should cover with the little towel provided. She told me it was my option she left and I went nude on the table. She came back in a few minutes, I had a nice tan line, and she commented on the contrast. The warm oil felt great on my skin. I opted for a lighter touch. She wished me a happy birthday. I thanked her and told her it sucked. I had no girlfriend and had gotten this massage, because I wanted to feel s woman’s touch today. She said she understood. As she was massage my bottom, she lightly gave me a few birthday swats. I thanked her very much. She asked if I wanted a birthday spanking. I blushed and said please. She had me get into doggystyle position. She rubbed my bare bottom, then lightly spanked my 20 times. I was moaning it felt SOOOOO good.she rubbed my bottom afterwards, and said don’t move. She put some oil down my crack, it ran down over my balls. I felt her bare finger sliding up & down my crack, then slowly slide inside. I loved it so much. I arched my butt up high for her as she slowly went in & out. Her other hand massaged my didgit shaft.

She whispered in my ear, happy birthday as she went faster. I came. Quickly and hard.after I recovered , and she washed her hands, we finished the massage.she asked me not to mention this to anyone. I never did….and tipped her $40. I saw her every 2 weeks all during college. She eventually started giving me excellent blow jobs, while massaging my prostate. She was fantastic. And the memories are still vivid. Every so often I would request a spanking.

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