Yes. I think it’s harder as a man to get yourself in a situation like this but I could tell my LMT was turned on by massaging me. At the conclusion of the massage I started chatting with her a little bit and asked her her name. She let me hold her hand and I knew the timing is right so I leaned up and kissed her and we made out for a little bit.

The next time I had a massage I requested her specifically and after about a couple minutes into massage we started messing around again. This time things went further and she gave me a head and a hand job and also let me finger her and suck on her nipples.

The third time things were even hotter and we had a more secluded room in the back area of the store. After a lot of fooling around this time she got up on the table and took her pants off and gave me consent to have sex with her. It was fantastic. It was a rush because we had to be super quiet about it all at the same time knowing that we both just wanted me to start railing her brains out so she could be screaming. She gives a great massage and love fooling around with her. She always says it’s too risky to have sex but once I get in her panties and finger her she can’t control herself and eventually her jeans come off.

Never thought I’d find a new sex partner at a massage store but we are secret lovers every once and a while.

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