I have slept with a friend’s father. Years and years ago when i was a teenage sex with minors wasn’t as bad as it is now. I started having sex when i was eleven. My mom was kinda a slut. We moved from guy to guy. She had babies with 4 different guys. I have had a few step brothers and sisters. Older step brothers some times take advantage of younger step sisters. I have a lot of blow jobs. When i was 15 my mom broke up another household. I started staying with my best friend and her dad and his girlfriend. It was suppose to be a short time. month or 2. About six months later my friend’s dad’s girlfriend packed up and move to cali to chase her dream. So it was just the three of us. My friend was in band and had a job and was never home. Tim and i started to spend a lo of time together. I catch him jerking off. Then I got a boil in my crotch. It wouldn’t heal. I was telling him about it one night sitting around in PJ’s. he told me he would look at it and he could help. So i dropped my panties. He checked out and had me hold a hot wash cloth on it. After about 1/2 hour he squeezed it and it burst. It hurt. He bandaged me up and after that. I started walking around the house nude. Like fro the bath room to my room and from mine room to the laundry room. I liked him seeing me nude. By now all i could think about was having sex with him. I wanted to suck him off so bad. One night late I woke to the tv light and I peeked out and he was watching porn and master baiting. I walked out completely nude and asked to joint him. He said stroking his enormous penis “god you are beautiful”. I climbed on his lap and we had the best sex of my life. He made me fall in love with him that night. It lasted for hours. Afterwards we talked for hours. Our affair went on for years but when I was 16, I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to have the baby. I wish i never had my abortions. He talked me into having an abortion, said it was for the best. He took me and got me an abortion But i had to pose as his daughter. They never asked if I wasn’t. Nobody ever knew. We continue our secret affair until i was 22. Oh and he went and got a vasectomy right after i got an abortion.

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