It’s easy, dear. When his basic temperament changes and he is very rude and angry towards you, you can understand that he has fallen out of love with you. There’s a story which goes like this:

There was a couple, a husband and wife. Both of them loved each other very much. But as years passed, life caught up with them. They started having arguments that escalated into fights. They stopped compromising or apologising when they argued, whose ever fault it was.

One day, the husband asked the wife, ‘What is the black spot on your face? When did it appear? It is so ugly.”

The wife responded, “The black spot is a mole that has been on my face since I was born. You did not notice it all these days because you were looking at me with eyes full of love. But that love is not there anymore. So you can see the black spot and feel that it is ugly.”

When your husband starts finding faults with the same things that did not matter to him earlier, you can know that he no longer loves you.

To all the men out there, it is the same case the other way round also.

Be your own sunshine and choose to be happy always!

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