It so happened that one fine Saturday I availed a massage service from a female masseuse . I was planning for a sensual massage . So after she reached I asked her if she provides sensual massage and extra services . She told me that she does gives sensual massages and happy ending but nothing more than that .

As we started she asked me to completely get naked and lie down on the floor . I opened my clothes and lied down on a bed sheet on the floor being naked . Now she started with applying oil at my back . Must say she has a sensual touch . She then went down to my hips and rubbed them gently . After finishing with my legs she asked me to turn around . She started with my thigh and as her hand was getting close to my penis I was getting turned on . Now she was massaging my chest area and my dick was already straight with erection . I was waiting when she would start massaging my private areas . She then asked me to bend down on my knees and further bend my body supported by my arms at shoulder distance apart . She then asked me to wide apart my knees . I was now bending down on my knees and arms in a crawling position with my tool hanging straight and erect . She was now oiling my penis and balls gently which made me turned on completely and crave for sex . And if this was not enough she was now massaging my anus . The anal massage took me at cloud 9 . Now I closed my eyes and was enjoying the anal massage . But then she did something which I never experienced in any other massage . She started inserting her finger inside my anus and massage me while I still remained bent down on my knees and arms . For next 10 minutes or so she kept on inserting her finger inside my anus and tease me sexually . Then she started stroking my penis downwards with me still in bend over position . She kept on stroking and after about 15 minutes I cummed heavily and spilled my bed sheet laid on the floor . She cleaned me with the tissue papers she got . Shen then left after I paid her the dues .

After such an amazing sensual massage , I took a warm shower and had a sound sleep . From that day onwards I have been only calling her for getting a sensual massage . Each time she comes it is a different experience of sensuality .

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