After finding out for the umpteenth time that he had been flirting with other girls behind my back. That he had been meeting them and going out with them. And I’m not absolutely sure doing what else but I think anyone could make a pretty good guess.

I was in love with this guy. I loved him with everything I had, for 3 whole years. Nothing and no one mattered to me as much as he did. But through that entire time I kept finding out the way he dealt with and spoke to other girls behind my back and it made me uncomfortable. I let him know, loud and clear, time and again, that I didn’t like this and it needed to stop but he just didn’t listen.

That last time I found out, I felt it. I felt the love, just drain out of me. I knew I had fallen out of love with this guy that very instant and there was absolutely nothing left in our relationship.

Then I left.

It wasn’t pleasant, it wasn’t easy but it was one of the most revealing learning experiences I’ve had and I’m grateful for it.

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