1. Don’t be late. ( i was always late)
  2. Dress whatever you’re comfortable in, Do not overdress.
  3. Deicide whether a hug or a handshake (i have messed up both sometimes) xD
  4. Make sure there is common topic to talk on, ask questions and be concious of what is happening around
  5. walk together, do not end up walking zig zag that would be so weird
  6. Make sure there is some sense of humour and you’re also laughing and talking at the same time.
  7. Smile and just nod. ( there were times when i didn’t hear anything and i just smiled and nodded my head)
  8. Touch hands and act it was accidental and now if the other person is okay. There you’re! 😛
  9. Speak Up.
  10. Tell things the other person would like to hear, some concious mind has to really get involved here.
  11. Make It a Two-Way Conversation.
  12. Ditch the Heavy Talk.
  13. Greet and thank the other person for coming and say it was a nice day.

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