I asked a girl out on a date and we met at a bar and then realized that she also smokes weed in my house was just around the corner. We went there and I said anywhere you want to go let me pay and she said okay I’ll carry the pin and I joked and said I don’t know where you’re going to put it in that outfit and she said how about you put it in my p****. I said seriously? And she lifted up her skirt so I slid the ink pen up there and she said I’ll let you get it later since you’re getting the tab and I said okay. When later came we were paying our tab at the bar at a register where you have to walk up to it and I honestly had forgotten about the pin thing and I was trying to sign the credit card slip and she said do you need a pen and winked at me and I said oh yeah and I reached down pulled the pin out of her p**** and signed and tipped and then put it right back up in her p**** where people were in line behind us like three girls and they saw the whole thing happen and they started giggling and I turned around and said good luck finding a pin around here! And then after that we went back to my place and she asked me if I’ve ever been peed on and I said well no that’ll be a first too but can we do it in the shower and after that I hung her over the Third story on a balcony by her butt as we f***** while people clap below. We were so drunk. Needless today the second date started in the morning and so forth. Can’t let those kind of go

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