I had sex when I was 12 years old I was a kid that time had no idea about sex & all one day some guest came to our home my elder sister, brother in law and their 2 yr old son I live in village actually so that that we had no source of water other than handpump & well so we used to go to a handpump that was inside a government schools & accessible to everyone around that school that day also in evening it was winter evening so dark all around that time we 3 gone there to take some water since I was a kid i used to like playing with people around me. Once I had seen that he was throwing his son in air and then catching also take his hands in his hands and moving in circles so I started requesting him to do the same with me he said ok let’s go in field because it’s large enough so sister also agreed and she was drawning water from handpump and I & my brother in law moved to school’s field he then push me to boundary wall of school field it was dark all around he said let’s play a game but promise u won’t tell anyone I instantly said yes yes, then he started pulling my pants and then underwear , I was a bit scared & said what if someone will see he said no one is there just wait for a while u will enjoy it , he took his dick out and started rubbing over my vagina it was damn hard I was very scared I had literally no idea about what was happening with me he tried pushing his dick inside me but it didn’t go inside and he was rubbing till 3,4 minutes he didn’t stop Even I said please don’t do after few minutes when sister called his name then we go back there. Later when I got to know what sex is I got to know what he did with me.

Well he didn’t stop there he did lot many hell things whenever find suitable time. That was so scary & dirty.

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