I went out with a woman who had a 3 month old baby. It was her first date after an annulled marriage that had gone bad just after she got pregnant. Her Mom agreed to watch the baby for her. We were having a great time, and neither one of us wanted to end the date yet, so she called her mother, who brought the baby to the restaurant we were eating at. She then proceeded to nurse the hungry baby in front of me. I had trouble speaking to her initially while she was feeding him, which made her laugh, and caused her to call me funny. You might wonder if I “saw her” and yes, I did, quite clearly, the baby wasn’t one who wanted to be covered with a blanket when he ate. After the baby was done eating, she took him back to her mother who was waiting in the car, and we finished our date.

Did we have a second date? Yes….and a third…and a fourth. We’ve been married now for 28 years, had 3 more children and that little 3 month old is now 30 with 4 children of his own. When my wife tells the story she says that she showed me the bait and hooked me….lol.

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