This is a story of my cousin. She went on the first date with a guy who is relatively older (16 years). After finished their dinner, she stood up and was ready to leave the table. Then she saw blood on the white color chair she was sitting on. Apparently she was on a period with super heavy flow.

The guy quickly used napkins to wipe off the blood stain on the chair. She was so embarrassed that the guy had to do that for her. I think the guy is very kind and mature though.

Then he walked her to the restroom and offered to buy her tampons! After she cleaned up herself in a toilet, the guy asked if she wanted to have some dessert. No women would agree on this. She wanted to go home badly.

So he walked her back to her car which was parked on the 5th floor. My cousin wanted leave him as soon as possible due to the embarrassment. However he got on the car and asked if she could drop him off at his car on the 3rd floor.

My cousin was so frustrated because she couldn’t directly sit on her driver’s seat. She didn’t want to spoil the seat with her bloody trousers. She found a plastic shopping bag and used it to cover the seat before sittting. Of course, all these in front of the guy.

He didn’t seem to care about it and was very understanding. He texted my cousin afterwards and asked for a second date.

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