there have been quite a few! A couple of years ago I had a gangbang with a bunch of strangers. When it was over, one of the guys asked for my number. A couple of days later he texts me and wants me to meet him. I go to the address he gives me and it’s a clubhouse for a bunch of bikers! I walk in and there are 5 or 6 guys there…I look around but none of the guys look familiar, honestly I couldn’t remember what the guy really looked like. Suddenly one of them jumps up and says “Hey Suzy!”. Then he walks over to me and he says “Guys, I brought y’all a present” He took me by my arm and led me over to a couch in the middle of the room. The he pushed me down so I was kneeling on the couch, bent over the back of it. He pulls up my dress and says “Damn, no panties….I was wanting to rip them off of you!” So this room full of guys spend the next hour or two taking turns fucking the shit out of me. When they were done the couch was soaked and my pussy was raw. Next think I know one of the guys says “Let’s go for a ride” and he takes me outside and puts me on the back of his Harley. We rode around for about 20 minutes and it was really fun, I hadn’t been on a bike in many years. Between the multiple loads of cum inside me and the vibration of the seat directly against my pussy, I was so wet that if I hadn’t been wedged between him and back rest I think I would have slid right off the seat! lol So when we get back to the clubhouse, he parks the bike and I get off. He looks down and laughs when he sees how wet the seat is, and tells me “You can’t leave it like that! You’d better lick it up”. I did, and doing that turned me on so much that I had an orgasm as I licked the cum from the seat. This apparently got him going, because he walked up behind me, pulled up my dress, and fucked me again, telling me to keep licking the seat.

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