It has been more than a decade and back then, we did not have high end phones to capture moments like those. I had one with 256 MB memory if I remember.

Anyway, going to my date, I can never forget that day, 20th Oct 2007. He was my senior, we were both doing our Masters in Mysuru. I had fasted for 9 long days and he knew about it, he expressed his desire to take me out for lunch on the last day of fasting. It was not a date in a romantic sense as we were just friends (or at least I thought of him as one).Both of us were students and did not earn anything, yet that gesture of his was touching.

I was wearing blue and he complimented only by raising his eyebrow., he took me to a Bangali Samiti for pooja, where he watched me pray and kept smiling. He then to a restaurant for lunch. He was watching me secretly as I was devouring down all that food ( he says so, I thought that I was not eating normally), we next headed over to a street vendor for some dessert/ juice. He shared mine, that was unexpected. While crossing the road, he held my hand, something that made me blush inside.He kept dropping hints of his fondness for me but I chose to ignore, although deep down, my stomach had thousands butterflies flying. The lovely afternoon finally ended not without leaving an everlasting smile on my face.

11 years later, as I write this, being married to my first crush, first love, my first affair, my soulmate… I still blush and try to control that racing heartbeat of mine..

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