One of our young financial advisers stood in the doorway of my office. He’d announced he was getting married and come by for advice.

“What’s the secret of a lasting marriage?” he asked.

“Two things,” I replied.

“First, the phrase, ‘Yes, dear.’”

“Second, every night when you go home say, ‘I’m sorry. I don’t know what I did today that would displease you but I know I did something. So I’m sorry.’”

“And if you know what you did send flowers.”

A week later one of the secretaries received a huge bouquet of flowers and balloons from her husband.

I asked, “So why the flowers?”

She replied, “Just because he loves me.”

The young adviser and I walked on and I said, “Wow, he must have really screwed up.”

We laughed. 15 years later he and I are both still married to our wives.

Seriously, the secret to a lasting marriage is that both spouses decide their marriage is priority.

And both never stop doing whatever it takes to make it work.

Oh, and learn to laugh. You’ll need to.

That just reminded me I need to order flowers.

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