1. careful attention to a woman’s emotions

A loving man will not hurt his woman deliberately. He won’t necessarily know exactly how to behave with a woman initially so he doesn’t hurt her. But he must stop the unacceptable behavior after the first remark, or make a tangible effort to control such situations from now on.

2. a loving man emphasizes his woman’s virtues

Every man has virtues and flaws. A healthy, loving man finds virtues in his woman and does not hesitate to emphasize them, to remind her of them.

A loving man pays attention to a woman’s sexual needs

The sexuality of men and women in most cases is very different. A man who cares about foreplay, about giving his partner the caresses she needs, about whether she has enjoyed sex is a loving man.

4. A loving man does not refuse to spend time together with a woman

In any couple, in addition to sex and pressing problems, there must also be common interests, otherwise the couple is doomed to break up. For a strong union, there must be regular, warm, emotional communication.

5. A loving man respects the values and choices of his woman

Such a man sees his woman as a person and does not prevent her from pursuing her hobbies, building a house or self-development. He supports her in this as much as possible. He understands that these are the things that bring her to life, fill her up, make her interesting.

6. A loving man respects his woman even in conflict situations

Such a man does not allow himself humiliating actions toward a woman. Of course, humiliating actions is a very subjective concept. However, there are general provisions indicating the presence or absence of respect.

7. A loving man declares the status of a woman to his world

For a man, a woman is a reason to be proud, a reason to boast in front of friends and acquaintances.

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