It was a high school friends dad, he was REALLY hot, like HAWT hot! And he always looked at me like a starving man looking at a perfectly cooked steak. I didn’t do this on purpose, but I looked at him just w/ my eyes, and w/o moving my head towards him, and noticed that he as looking RIGHT between my legs! I didnt realize it until then but from where he was he could see right up my skirt and I was wearing a thong that pretty much disappeared into my pudendal cleft (“crack”) so he could see almost as much as if i were not wearing any panties. Although every fiber of my being was screaming to quickly close my legs, I let him watch me a little longer, after a couple of minutes, I closed my knees together, and repositioned my legs away from him but as I was I letting him look at my… vulva, our eyes met and he knew that I was letting him deliberately look at me! God that was so wrong and im really thinking of not posting this at all… if I do, I really didn’t think about it nearly long enough!!!

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