Just when I thought I’d run out of stories for Quora answers. Praise almighty god.

I was on a date with a Veterinarian in her late 20’s. A very polite girl, pretty, smart – she had all the right boxes checked.

It was our second date and we were talking about “kids growing up too fast” which is code for teenagers having sex too soon.

We probably shouldn’t have been talking about that topic so soon and it was probably my fault, I tend to steer conversations to bad places. But oh well. Good dates usually involve being honest and talking about real things. And it was indeed a good date.

All I remember though was that at one point I was taking a sip of beer as she said,

“I mean I get it, kids experiment from time to time. When I was 8 years old I stuck a pen in my p—y.”

At which point I choked on my beer and started coughing and she immediately started blushing.

I was actually glad that beer was coming out of my nose because it probably minimized her own embarrassment.

She said, “Sorry – that was too much.”

After I wiped the beer off my face, I waved both hands and reassuringly said,

“Nah! You are fine no worries. Kiiiiids.”

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