My wildest sex experience was an orgy I attended two months ago.

Together with 4 other girls I was called out to service the guests at a private party in a big villa. As we arrived at the house we were all prepared to have sex with the guests. Together with another girl I was laid in a sofa bonded tight and gagged with my legs spread wide and ready for sex. I don’t know what drugs we were given, but I have never felt so horny and ready for sex in my life as I did when I waited for the guests to enter the room where I was installed. Inside my head I was screaming for cock and I could not wait for it. Finally, the door opened and 25-30 men entered the room. It took some time before the action started and as I was gagged I could not say anything – I could only make some sounds to signal that I was so ready.

Finally one of the guys pulled down his pants and shortly after he entered me and started working in me. As soon as he had cummed in me and pulled out the next guy was ready to take over – and so it continued for two hours. Some guys also took me in my ass. I had several orgasms and the sofa was completely soaked because I had squirted like a fountain- and the same did the other girl.
After two hours we had a short break to get washed and made ready for the next session. During the next session I was not bonded and gagged so I was free to move. Some guys discovered that I was very good at deepthroating so I took maybe 15 guys deepthroath. It all ended up in a very wild orgy. For the first time in my life I experienced to have sex with three guys at the same time.

I don’t know how many times I had sex that night – but the next day I felt completely wrecked and I had heavy pain in my pussy, in my ass and in my throath. It took me several days before I was myself again – but it was a great experience. I have been told that I will be called out for new sex party next weekend and I am really looking so much forward for this.

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