I connected with this woman in her early 30s on Tinder.

She was attractive, and getting her degree in nuclear physics. And her profile mentioned that she liked trance music. Awesome, she hit all the marks.

The first time we went out it was for brunch at The Pond House Cafe in West Hartford (where I was living then).

She was totally my type in terms of physique – tall, dark haired, well-proportioned. Good.

She was already seated at the table when I arrived. I greeted her and we made small talk after placing our orders.

She asks me what I do for a living and I tell her.

I ask her what she did for a living and she says

“Full-time mom of four kids”


I didn’t know what to say!

Because come on man, that’s not like some small detail to leave out, like say that you’re a home body or that you don’t like dogs.

But having four kids is major league stuff.

Aside from that you had to give her chops for maintaining such a gorgeous figure after bearing four kids.

Anyhow, we went out anyway. Lord, she was horny as a rabbit who had just gotten out of prison!

As an aside amusing thing, I was seeing another girl in her mid-20s at the same time. And I thought that the mom of four kids would be keen on a relationship, while the younger one might just be testing the waters.

Nope. The exact reverse.

It was the mom who was largely interested in three things – sex, talking and sex.

While it was the younger one who was keen on a relationship.

Which should tell you just how much I know about women for a man who’s been with so many of them. Go figure!

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